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We offer turnkey specialized refrigeration and HVAC services for wide-ranging industries and project types. Whether it be creating your development’s vision from ideation to completion or providing support and unique insight to keep your facilities and assets cool and comfortable, we serve a broad spectrum of customers and businesses. Read on for more service details.



Cooling your commercial, public or regal space requires continuously innovative and unique solutions to quickly adapt and provide reliable, long lasting comfort to its inhabitants.  

Our products are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Our RTU systems are rooftop units that provide cooling and heating for large spaces. Our split systems are composed of indoor and outdoor units that can be installed in multiple rooms. Our central systems are ducted systems that distribute cool air throughout the building.

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Consistently improving cooling system performance, health impact and comfort in indoor spaces is a continuous struggle for many businesses who believe in just fitting out new air conditioning units and disposing off the old. 

Our products are efficient, durable, and flexible. Our gi ducts are galvanized iron ducts that are resistant to corrosion and fire. Our fabric ducts are textile ducts that are lightweight and easy to install. Both types of ducts can deliver clean and fresh air to your space, reducing the risk of allergies, asthma, and infections.

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Keeping perishables, life saving medicines and volatile chemical products safe and sound requires placing them in controlled weather environments purpose built to house and maintain them.

We offer a range of products, including walk-in freezers, cold storage rooms, blast freezers, and more. Our walk-in freezers are spacious and easy to access, suitable for storing large quantities of goods. Our cold storage rooms are modular and customizable, allowing you to adjust the temperature and humidity levels according to your products. Our blast freezers are fast and powerful, capable of freezing your products in a matter of hours or minutes.

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Safely transporting and storing temperature sensitive products and goods requires specially constructed portable freezing units called reefer trailers. 

Our products are convenient, versatile, and affordable. Our small portable reefer trailers are ideal for short-term or small-scale use, such as events or deliveries. Our medium portable reefer trailers are suitable for long-term or medium-scale use, such as storage or distribution. Our large portable reefer trailers are perfect for heavy-duty or large-scale use, such as industrial or commercial purposes.

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